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'''Joshua the Stylite''' (also spelled '''Yeshu Stylite'''Witold Witakowski ''Chronicle: known also as the Chronicle of Zuqnin'', Liverpool University Press, 1996, p. xxi and '''Ieshu Stylite''') is the attributed author of a chronicle which narrates the history of the war between the Later Roman Empire and Persian Empire|Persians between 502 and 506, and which is one of the earliest and best historical documents preserved in Syriac language|Syriac. The work owes its preservation to having been incorporated in the third part of the ''Zuqnin Chronicle|Chronicle of Zuqnin'', and may probably have had a place in the second part of the ''Ecclesiastical History'' of John of Ephesus, from whom (as François Nau has shown) Pseudo-Dionysius copied all or most of the matter contained in his third part. The chronicle in question is anonymous, and Nau has shown that the note of a copyist, which was thought to assign it to...
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